Inner Wheel District 315
Covers Telanagana & Andhra Pradesh(Guntur & Prakasam), India

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Executive Committee Members - District 315


Vijaya Gopal

District Chairman


District Treasurer


Vinitha Haranathaka

Vice Chairman

Sunitha Vallam

District ESO


Janaki Mohan

AC Member

Vijaya Lakshmi

District ISO


Sulochana Mathur

District Secretetary


District Editor

Our Inner district 315 covers historical and culturally rich areas of South India earlier ruled by popular dynasties like Sathavahanas, Kakatiyas, Chalukyas and the Nizams.

Hyderabad, the biggest city of our Inner District 315 and capital of Telangana State represents the right blend of heritage with modernity. Rich historical heritage, culture and a knowledge hub, Hyderabad is among the fastest growing cities of the world.  The upcoming global city and capital of the new state Andhra Pradesh - Amaravati also comes under our Inner Wheel District 315.

Inner Wheel District 315 was the second IW district to be formed in India in 1966 and the founder chairman was Mrs.Purviz H Banaju from Bombay. As time passed, the district was bifurcated into two in 1992-93 as 315 and 302.

District 315 came into existence with Mrs.M Kasturi, Charter member of IW Warangal as the First Chairman.
Inner Wheel district 315 has presently 25 Clubs with 677 members covering :-

- All the Revenue Districts of Telangana State

- Guntur and Prakasam Revenue Districts of Andhra Pradesh State

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